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Paratext Publishing
Graduation research project BA Graphic Design, ArtEZ Arnhem, 2019.
Series of 11 book sets of 2-4 books; Mobile application(ding!) as free online repository of academic theory used in my research; Bookclub and accompanying reader with selected texts (PoD); hand-outs of two related (academic) papers/texts (PoD); Event space; Lecture room; Reading space.

Paratext Publishing—referring to all elements of a book other than its main text—brings together fiction and theory through their references, to contextualise the characters and narratives marginalised by colonialism. This intertextuality is made tangible for the reader, by bringing the texts closer to one another, wrapped within the structure of the same book cover. In the combinations, the novels serve as vehicles to present the reader with postcolonial and feminist theory, writing and criticism. copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg copy.jpg Shot 2019-10-16 at 22_41_26.png